So I Really Suck at Blogging….

I can’t help but wonder how someone that is busy enough to fill a 36 hour day can find the time to blog. There are so may things that I love doing; making jewelry, making jewelry, and making jewelry to name a couple, Oh, that plus being a new Puppy Mummy and taking care of my own Mum, who is 83 this year, and working full time. Gosh, Whatever will I do with so much free time…..

So, the Blog Hop is over tomorrow, and the Big Reveal is coming up as well. I am looking forward to seeing the wonderful things that everyone has made and also showing off my own little brainchild. It was fun to push myself and think of a design that was within my ability to create, that had a Victorian flair, and that also could be worn to both the office and to the farmers market on Saturday. I think I have made it. And, I have made it. You will see tomorrow!


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