About Really Good Coffee and Running Amok…..

My little dog likes coffee. Or maybe he likes the creamer, which I use in abundance, I don’t know, but the result is that I absolutely must use a to-go type coffee cup in order to selfishly keep from sharing my brew. He is a bright little one, though, and has figured out that if he pushes the cup just right some coffee will splash up onto the lid, No more than a few drops thank goodness, but just enough to be encouraging. One quick shove and a sip before Mum figures it out. Well, early this morning a bit before I became coherent, my four-legger fur baby turned smart alack and found my cup of coffee. He knocked it over and drank the liquid speed as it poured out of the little slot on the lid. This happened at 7:30 or so. Usually Toby takes a lot of naps during the day, saving up his energy for when Mum comes home. Not much today, though. Nope. Toby has run around the house with wild abandon, rushing here and there, tail tucked under and ears flying in the breeze. It’s after midnight and we still are not going to sleep anytime soon. I now sip my coffee from a $27.00 thermal coffee cup with a locking lid and a press release stopper. Give him time, he’ll get around it. Thank God he doesn’t have thumbs…….


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